Here at Melton Christian College we are focused on enabling each student to achieve individual excellence. An important component in this is the inclusion and encouragement of authentic spirituality.  Through weekly chapel services with the active participation of students and staff, the opportunity for students to explore their faith and grow spiritually through music and message is provided as a priority.

We offer excellence in education, an education in which Jesus Christ is central. An active Christian faith permeates all aspects of our curriculum. School begins each day with devotions and prayer. Every class also has a specialised Bible teaching session each week.

Melton Christian College also offers a pastoral care program to cater for the needs of students, while at all times enthusiastic staff closely monitor student progress, achievement and welfare. Underpinning all that we do is an understanding that God is real and wants to be an integral part of our individual lives. This is foundational to providing a holistic approach to educating and fully preparing our students for life in a contemporary society. Spirituality is not just a part of what we do, it is a valuable part in all we do.