20 May 22

Spotlight on Staff

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I am so blessed and honoured to become part of this amazing community at Melton Christian College. I have felt welcomed and supported here at MCC and have enjoyed my journey here amongst colleagues and students alike.

Young people have always been a passion of mine, ever since I was a youngster myself; growing up in the western suburb of St Albans, I had a heart for others experiencing challenges in their lives. I would always be chatting to a fellow classmate and providing some sort of advice. My career in Youth Work and Social Work have given me a strong understanding on the developing needs of my students here at MCC and I have the privilege of teaching Year 7 English and year 11 Psychology, along with extra classes to an amazing bunch of Prep to Grade 2 students.

I relish in opportunities that support student growth and experiential learning that I can be involved in, at this stage it has been in class and some sporting events. I love seeing student personal growth on camps too. “I believe that all students deserve the right to a fulfilling and enjoyable learning experience. These children are the leaders of tomorrow and becoming active participants in society, so it is our duty and responsibility, as a community, to provide the best educational platform for their journey.”

Daniel Pas, Secondary Teacher


I started working here at MCC on the 15th of March and have been welcomed by everyone I have met.

I am married to Gwynneth and have 3 great children, Hannah, Emmaline and Zac. One is a teacher, the other a school chaplain and the last a disability support worker.

We have attended Suburban Church in Hoppers Crossing for the last 26 years. I am on the cleaning team, welcome team and I am on the roster for Toddler Creche (my favourite is the train set!). At the time of building the church, I helped a lot in the construction phase as the church were owner builders. I had the equipment to do the foundations and lift some of the precast concrete panels.

In my role as the Property Manager at MCC, I help with matters related to Property and the Maintenance Department. Both areas are very diverse and we hope that we can improve and support all staff in their daily duties.

If you need me or just want to pop in to say hello, I have an office in B5.

Ken Terry, Property Manager