Prep – 12

A Place of Peace and Calm

Families who visit our College are often surprised at the sense of peace and calm that exists, both in the classroom, and in the playground.

Relief teachers are relieved at the end of their first day at our campus because, when schools are so often a place of war and strife, they do not expect to encounter respect and calm in the classroom.

At Melton Christian College, it makes sense that as a Christian School, we would be a place of peace as we commit to the teachings of the Bible and the God of peace.

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Culture of peace

Strength of Purpose

Family Focus

Melton Christian College is a family-focused school. Many organisations lay claim to ‘family focus’, but what does that mean at MCC? Family focus at MCC means that College enrolment is of a family, not individual children.

As an organisation, we personalise our relationship with families. We see partnership as a one between the home and the school. We desire for parents and teachers to work together for the nurture and growth of children.

Cohesion through worldview

As a College that runs from Prep all the way to Year 12, there is a cohesion produced because our teachers have one guiding philosophy: a Christian worldview. Viewing all of life through the lens of the Bible, and teaching that to our students makes for a cohesive student and staff body.

Secondary Teacher

One of the things I love about working in a Prep to 12 setting, is having colleagues who teach my students when they are in Year 12 after I have seen them nurtured through junior primary. It is so exciting to watch the journey from seedling to tree at this wonderful school.