Christian Education

What Is Different About A Christian School?

As a Christian school, we believe in the Biblical story. It is our deep hope that our learners will understand their own role in God’s story, which centres around Jesus Christ. We encourage students to be learners about all facets of God’s diverse and intricate creation.

From Maths to Music, through Performing Arts to Science, the invitation and challenge is set before students, to consider how God intended their application and understanding for God’s glory.

Melton Christian College is built on a foundation of faith and the College has grown due to selfless commitment by staff and parents to the goals of Christian education. As we take the College forward into its future we continue building on the foundational, Bible-based Christian faith.

Who We Are

  • Leading Christian Education in Melton for over 35 years
  • A Christ-Centred community that teaches for excellence, nurtures respect and is passionate about teaching and learning
  • We teach that all of life and the whole earth belongs to God
  • We teach our students to see life through the lens of the Bible
  • Our students and teachers partner together to pursue excellent learning
  • In our school community there is enthusiasm for excellence and partnership is paramount, but faith is foundational