Year Prep

Learning in Prep

Our deep hope for our Prep students is that schooling will develop and nurture their God-given gifts. We pray for our Prep students, that they will learn about God, about themselves, and about God’s good gifts of life and learning.

The commencement of school learning is a crucial time in a child’s life. In this first year of school, children form lasting perspectives about learning, and about themselves as learners. Therefore, we desire that these early, formative perspectives are positive, and that they create a wonderful disposition for future learning.

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Unique to Prep

The first year of school is a significant milestone for all children; and for that reason, we aim to make the first year as smooth as possible.

Transitioning into Prep

Starting Prep can be very tiring for small children. For this reason, we transition them slowly into full days. We do this by having students attend half days for their first two days and giving them a rest day in the middle of the school week for the first month. On rest days, teachers meet with parents and the Prep student to complete a range of assessments that support the learning of each child.

Prep Observations

Before your child begins Prep, there will be two observation sessions before the end of the year and prior to their commencement. The children are divided up into smaller groups and attend for a short time on two given days. The teachers take note of what activities your child chooses to do and their social interactions.

There is also a third session, which is called Orientation Day. On this day, children find out who their teacher will be and where their classroom will be for the following year.

Prep Playground

The Prep children have their own playground so that friendships can be formed with their peers and positive social behaviours can be encouraged by the teachers.

Prep Buddies

Each Prep student will be given a Year 6 buddy during their first year of school. This gives our youngest students an older child to look up to and to provide support and encouragement. Prep students meet their buddy each week to learn their high-frequency words, as well as participate in other fun activities.

100 Days of School

The children celebrate attending their 100th day of school by dressing up in something that shows the significance of the number 100.



  • Maths
  • English
  • HASS
  • Science
  • Bible
  • Library
  • Digitech
  • Japanese
  • PE
  • Art
  • Performing Art
  • Health and Human Relationships


  • Home Room Devotions
  • Year 6 Buddy Program
  • Excursions
  • Primary Musical
  • Athletics For Preps
  • Swimming Lessons
  • PeaceWise Program