Learning in Secondary

At Melton Christian College, we define success as young people who flourish into the young person God has made them to be, in whatever area of gifting they possess, and becoming effective, compassionate contributors to society when they leave the College.

Co-curricular programs run alongside key studies to develop the whole student. Co-curricular activities and programs across Years 7-12 include:

  • Daily Homeroom Program
  • Digital Device Program
  • Weekly Assemblies and Chapel
  • House events, sporting & cultural
  • Inter-school events; sporting & cultural
  • Concert Band
  • Senior Vocal Group
  • Annual Secondary Musical
  • Private Instrument Tuition
  • Tutoring and Study Hall Program
  • Organisation Skills Workshops
  • Literacy Week
  • Science Week


Many Pathways to Success

At Melton Christian College, we view success as students entering their chosen field when they leave the College. It is important for parents and students to understand that there are many pathways to achieving success. 

There are two secondary schooling certificates in Victoria to help students achieve their goals: the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Education with a Vocational Major (VCE VM). Melton Christian College offers both of these certificates onsite. 

We have strong VCE and VCE VM programs that offer a wide variety of subject areas. 

Our program includes a number of practical, hands-on classes that prepare students for vocational careers. VET (Vocational Education and Training) programs are run in conjunction with the Western Edge VET cluster. Offsite VET courses have an additional charge. MCC offers VET studies onsite at the College and these onsite VETs have no additional fee, so the College encourages students to select these onsite, no-cost VET courses. 


At MCC, there are two ways of completing the standard VCE course, they are: VCE Scored and VCE Certificate only. 



Students who do the VCE VM are likely to be interested in going on to training at TAFE, starting an apprenticeship, or getting a job after completing school. 


Secondary School Leadership Team


Co-ordinators are there to support and guide each student in their cohort.

Teaching and Learning Coordinators

Teaching and Learning Coordinators are responsible for ensuring the curriculum from year 7-12 is cohesive, and ensures students are well-prepared for senior external assessments/exams.

Academic Coaching & Study Hall

MCC’s tutoring program ensures that learners are afforded even more access to their teachers and their expertise to support them further in their journey.  To find out more, please click on the button below.

Academic Coaching

Senior Years

The senior years of secondary schooling are a time of consolidating learnings. Through senior years, students connect all the various studies that have led up to this point in their education. Most importantly, senior schooling is a continuation of each student’s search to identify their God-given gifts.

Christian schooling espouses that every person has a specific, constructive and wonderful contribution to make to their society; we call it their ‘vocation’ or ‘calling’. As a Christian College, it is appropriate that teachers assist students to pursue their personal best, and through that pursuit of excellence they discover the ways that the Lord can use them to positively impact their world.

Whether in VCE or VCAL, our senior students and their teachers partner together to get the highest possible results so that the post-secondary options are maximized. Highest possible results mean that doors open to enable a student optimally to pursue their calling.

For more detail regarding our Senior Years, read our Senior Years Guide.

Senior Years Guide

Student Leaders

We are committed to the nurture of student leadership, giving students the opportunity to serve in various forms of leadership.

Learn more about Student Leadership at Melton Christian College by clicking on the button below.

Student Leadership