Year 10

Learning in Year Ten

Our deep hope for our Year Ten students is that their final years of Secondary schooling will bring focus and clarity to all their preceding learnings. We pray for our Year Ten students that they will retain their recognition that they each have a precious, personal calling on their lives whereby God gives value to all individuals and brings meaning to our lives. 

The curriculum begins to branch into more selective options and specialisations, nonetheless we still hope that our students strongly feel a sense of belonging within a joyful community under Christ. 

We further hope that the focus and seriousness of the next two years of secondary schooling are not at the cost of the joy of learning, and we try to balance the curriculum to retain that very joy. 

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  • Mathematics (Foundation, General or Advanced)  
  • English (Foundation or General)  
  • Bible 
  • Careers 
  • Global Citizens 

CORE – 1 SEMESTER (minimum) 

  • History (War & Peace or Pop Culture) 
  • Science (Phys Chem or Life Sciences) 
  • Health & Physical Education (Healthy Lifestyles or Fitness) 

ELECTIVES – 9 & 10 

  • Design Technology: Food
  • Design Technology: Wood
  • Digital Technology
  • Forensic Science
  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Media
  • Outdoor Education

Year 10 only electives

  • Art
  • Design Technology: Textiles
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Geography

Co-Curricular Unique to Year 10

  • Year 10 Camp
  • Mentoring Year 7 Program
  • Quick-start Program
  • Work Placement

Not currently running in 2023

  • Japanese
  • Music
  • Theatre Studies

Senior Years Guide

Preparing Students for Senior Secondary 

Year 10 studies are the preparatory years for VCE or VCE-VM. This is a crucial year to achieve, extend or accelerate specific areas of study that will become VCE, VCE-VM, VCP or career pathways. Students study the core subject areas of Mathematics, English, History, Science and Health & Physical Education. With each of these subjects, students receive a choice around the different topics to engage deeper with within each subject.

Year 10 students can apply to enrol in one VCE subject or internally run VET subject. The application process for this is aimed to assess each student’s suitability to progress into the Senior Pathways for senior secondary and ensure they are ready to thrive. There are some benefits to a student accelerating; student focus is on just 1 VCE subject throughout year 10, journeying the required work levels and establishing healthy study habits before Year 11. Accelerated students also have 1 less subject on their load in Year 12 enabling more time to be spent across less subjects in their final year of schooling. To allow for acceleration, the Year 10 timetable is modelled on the Year 11 and 12 program. This allows greater emphasis on fewer subjects and improved ability for application in all outcomes and assessments. 



Senior Years Guide