One Connected Curriculum

Connected learning throughout the schooling experience

Our ever-strengthening Teaching and Learning Department which oversees the curriculum is a huge asset for cohesion and effortless transitions. Strong connectedness between primary and secondary teachers is deliberately created to ensure a rich learning environment all the way through our students’ schooling. As a result, students move from primary to secondary, and from junior secondary into senior school and VCE/VM smoothly each year.

PeaceWise Program


PeaceWise is a college wide approach to resolving conflict. All our staff and students learn and adopt a shared language, understanding and approach to this important aspect of community life.

Founded in Christian principles, PeaceWise equips people of all ages to deal with challenging relationships and conflict in healthy, constructive, and life-changing ways. PeaceWise is introduced upon induction to staff and in Prep for students, and is built upon through to Year Twelve.

To find out more about Pastoral Care and to watch a video about PeaceWise at MCC, click on the button below.

pastoral care

Health and Human Relationships Program

We are pleased to embed Health and Human Relationships in our Primary Curriculum and contribute further to the holistic growth and development of our students.

This year the primary timetable includes a dedicated weekly session to the study of Health and Human Relationships (HHR). Students will examine key concepts and topics from the Australian Curriculum Health course through our three-fold relational connectedness with creation: between God, Self and Others.

Students will develop understanding and skills in establishing positive social relationships and interacting respectfully with others. They will develop health literacy and explore a range of matters including making healthy and safe choices, understanding emotions, valuing others and connecting with and caring for the environment. Other topics of exploration may include water safety, road safety, and cyber safety.

As students progress through the curriculum, personal changes and growth will be appropriately addressed. Students will develop and apply correct vocabulary, such as correctly identifying parts of the human body.

Year 5 and Year 6 students will investigate resources and strategies to manage changes and growth associated with puberty. Your child’s HHR teacher will communicate ahead of time as to when this focus will begin.

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