Pastoral Care

Caring for the MCC Community

Pastoral Care underpins all that we do at Melton Christian College.

Every staff member is committed to taking an active role in the pastoral care of our community; but the primary providers of pastoral care for our students are our homeroom teachers. Through their daily interactions, our teachers closely monitor their students’ progress, achievements, and personal welfare. They are passionate about their students’ well-being and committed to  supporting their journey through life at MCC.

The understanding that God is real, and His wants to be a part of our individual lives is what drives and supports all that we do. This understanding is foundational and essential to providing a holistic approach towards educating and fully preparing our students for life in a contemporary society.

Building a Culture of Peace

PeaceWise Program

PeaceWise is a Christian program that equips people of all ages to deal with challenging relationships and conflict in a healthy, constructive & life-changing way. PeaceWise is used from Prep through to Year Twelve.

All of our staff and students learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy way by utilising the PeaceWise program.

If you would like to learn more about PeaceWise for your family, contact our Head of Pastoral Care, Bonnie Lang, directly by emailing [email protected].

Implementing PeaceWise at MCC

Watch the PeaceWise video to find out more about how we are implementing this program throughout our College to build a culture of peace.

Further Support

When needs arise, or complex situations require a greater level of pastoral care, all members of the MCC community (staff, students, parents) can book a confidential appointment with our Head of Pastoral Care, Bonnie Lang. Feel free to email Bonnie at for guidance, counselling, support, and discovery of next steps.