Leadership Team

While the Board of our College provides strategic direction and governance, the day to day running of the College is managed by our Senior Leadership Team.

Our Leadership

The cumulative experience of the College’s current executive leaders equates to over 100 years of rich experience in Christian schooling and corporate services. Because of this, they have earned the confidence, respect, and dedication of their staff teams.

Mr David Gleeson


“I’m as passionate about Christian education today as I was when I first began in 1987. These days, my focus is developing young teachers into great teachers, and great teachers into great leaders.”

Mrs Cathie Dixon

Head of Operations

Mr Reyson Royo

Head of Finance and Risk

“Our focus in Finance & Risk is to be a good steward and manage God’s resources according to His direction.  To be entrusted with more resources requires faithfulness in the little God has given through innovation and strategic plan of action in managing God’s resources.

Mrs Jodie Vamplew

Head of Primary

“For thirty five years, Melton Christian College has been teaching children that they are valued, that they are unique, and that they are significant to God.

My team and I are committed to helping students reach their full potential in Christ.”

Mr Derek Bendall

Head of Secondary

“My team and I work together to encourage our students to give 100% in all they do. We are interested in supporting the success of every student, and guiding who they will become after Secondary. What role they will fill in society matters to us.”

Mrs Kellie Giannes

Head of Campus - Toolern Vale

“I am passionate about Christian education that develops and equips the whole child, keeping Christ at the centre of all learning and knowledge. Students are encouraged to explore who they are in Christ and to flourish as curious learners.”

Mrs Bonnie Lang

Head of Pastoral Care

“Pastoral care involves the development of the whole student. At MCC, we know that a happy student learns best, therefore all teachers are trained and equipped to provide pastoral care for their students.”

Mrs Kristie Barber

Head of Teaching & Learning

“Our approach to teaching and learning is based on the Bible’s teaching that the earth and we in it belong to God, so our educative task is to nurture responsive discipleship in one another.”