Loving Learning in Primary

A happy child is one that can learn.

Beginning at Prep, teachers focus on equipping their students with the fundamental skills necessary for fluent, comprehensive reading. Using a whole-language approach alongside a strategic reading programme (LEM Phonics), our teachers aim for children to leave their first year of school with the foundational language skills required for the subsequent stages of literacy and learning.


Building Strong Foundations

Teachers focus on thorough foundations of mathematical concepts right through from Prep. Complexity and breadth are progressively increased, as the children’s teachers expand the subjects that are covered. Each teacher’s objective is to see students developing skills for learning as well as deeper level of thinking as they progress through each year-level.

Subject areas such as Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Information Technology, Physical Education, Japanese language, Integrated Studies, Library and Biblical Studies are covered at each year level. This breadth of learning encourages students to express themselves creatively, enhances their gifts and grows their areas of interest.

The teachers seek to extend higher achieving students through extension work. In fact, primary teachers are generally very adept at teaching to each child’s individual level of learning. The objective is to challenge and stretch each child’s abilities so that every learning opportunity is maximised.


Prep class beginners are starting a seamless journey through the College from Prep to Year Twelve.

Primary curriculum is broad, and designed to build continuity from beginnings right through to Grade 6. All children receive tuition by specialists in Music, Physical Education, Art, Japanese, and at upper primary they also have STEM and Food Technology. Classroom learning is guided by expert generalist primary teachers.

The emphasis on personal best means children are rarely competing against one another, but are always striving for their own individual excellence. The primary curriculum is intentionally Christ-centred and supports learners at all levels by its cumulative content and depth.


The curriculum at MCC is Christ-centred, and child-orientated.

Christ-centred means that we see all of life as part of God’s Kingdom. Our students are learning for understanding and service, with the goal of responsive action. This means that while the curriculum covers all elements of the Australian curriculum, it is rewritten and taught from the premise that Christ is Lord of all of life.

Students are taught to look at everything they are learning and participating in, through a biblical worldview, or ‘Christian lenses’. MCC teachers undertake further studies through the National Institute of Christian Education to equip them to present their curriculum from a Christian perspective.

Child-orientated means that we recognise that each student is unique, wonderfully created and an image bearer of Christ. Curriculum is not only about what is taught, it is also about who we teach, and the set of unique skills, abilities and life experiences that each student has. It is our goal to assist each student in reaching their God-given potential and prepare them for a life of discipleship and work in God’s Kingdom, in such a way that reflects their learning style, abilities and individual needs.

Student Leaders

Student Leaders are students who display leadership gifts and who set a good example to others. There are a variety of student leadership opportunities at MCC. All student leaders are expected to be role models within the community and each position requires a commitment to completing a variety of tasks and attending required training activities.