Year 12

Learning in Year Twelve

Our deep hope for our Year Twelve students is that their school-learning will consolidate their understandings about the calling that the Lord has on their lives as His people, loved by Him and called to serve selflessly in His world.

We pray sincerely for our students in their final year of schooling that they will always be able to have appropriate pride to have been part of our school community, and indeed, we pray that they will continue to see and speak of themselves as members of this Christian learning community through the remainder of their lives.

We deeply hope that the way they live their lives will demonstrate the values with which our school has invested them over their years among us.

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Year twelve students continue with their VCE, VET, or VCE VM subjects in their final year of schooling.

Please read the Senior Years Guide for more information.


Co-Curricular Unique to Year 12

  • Year 12 Aspire Retreat: Year 12 readiness (study habits, time management, balance, wellbeing & health)
  • VCE and VCE VM subject specific excursions such as Luna Park for Physics
  • Leadership Program: Student Senate & Captains
  • Leadership Program: House Captains
  • Quickstart Program
  • Student Versus Teacher Events
  • Halfway Day
  • Year 12 BBQ
  • Presentation Ball
  • Valedictory Dinner
  • Graduation