4 Nov 22

Rubbish Free Lunch Day

Newsletter | Primary Update

On Tuesday 25th October, the Year 4s hosted a Rubbish Free Lunch Day at our school. The students have been researching about the effects of rubbish accumulation and collected data from around the school to create solutions and be good stewards of our environment. In having a Rubbish Free Lunch Day, the Year 4 students were able to compare and assess the data they have collected for this project. In their researching, they found that the school brought more than 200 less pieces of rubbish than on a normal day!

We are encouraged to continue lowering the number of rubbish accumulated at school every day to make our environment clean and safe for our community. We can all play a part in this by being aware of the rubbish issue and by packing lunch in reusable lunchboxes or bags, and putting food in reusable containers rather than wrapped in disposable packaging. Thank you all for your help and support on Rubbish Free Lunch Day!

Stavi Ekmekdjian, Primary Teacher