9 Aug 23

A Community of Partnership

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

What an exciting and special couple of weeks we have had as our lovely Toolern Vale community moved onsite to start learning for Term Three! The joy and anticipation of all that was new was evident as our families and students explored their beautiful new spaces. We celebrated day one with a special afternoon tea shared with our parents and carers – our students overflowed with pride as they welcomed their families into their classrooms and showed them around the campus.

In Week Four, we celebrated 100 days of school – a very special milestone for our Prep students. Mrs Deo and Mrs Skelton prepared an exciting and adventurous day for our students to enjoy. Their enormous smiles and infectious laughter were so lovely to see.

We have been blessed with this amazing opportunity to grow and develop rich and meaningful relationships within our little community. It is truly special to watch the children interact with their teachers and with each other as they build connection and strengthen rapport. It is an honour to share in the excitement and learning, as we continue to develop and grow together.

A verse found in the Bible from the Old Testament describes the beauty and strength found in doing life together in community. We love and appreciate the partnership we have with our families.

“Two can accomplish more than twice as much as one, for the results can be much better.  If one falls, the other pulls him up; but if a man falls when he is alone, he’s in trouble”.

Kellie Giannes, Head of Toolern Vale Campus