6 May 22

A Learning Community with a Purpose

Newsletter | Principal's Message

Every school is a learning community.

The ‘vibe’ of a school is determined by how the members of that learning community interact with each other. The atmosphere of a school is constructed by the way people speak and act.

The feel of a school is also shaped by how purposeful the members of the school community are. In other words, when the parents and the teachers have a shared understanding of purpose, that is when learning flourishes and students thrive.

Our school is a learning community that acknowledges Christ.

Being a learning community that acknowledges Christ means that as a Christian school, we acknowledge a bunch of things. Primarily, it means that we see the teachings of Jesus as crucial to success. The teachings of Jesus are foundational to the purpose of this learning community. In fact, Jesus’ teachings are so essential to Christians that we as a Christian school define our success according to the extent to which we follow those teachings.

Jesus’ teachings are found in the Christian Bible. Most of the things that He taught are very easily understood. For example, Jesus was insistent that we care for one another, and He taught that we should nurture one another. That’s pretty straightforward.

Jesus Himself demonstrated care and nurture beautifully. He actually stood out from the society of the day by including marginalised people in his circle of close friends. He allowed the social ‘rejects’ to be among His close companions. Care, nurture, and inclusivity characterised Jesus’ life on earth; and he taught openly and explicitly that we ought to create a sense of belonging for all. He said we are to love one another.

That is why, as a learning community under Christ, we seek to excel in care, nurture, welcome and belonging. In fact, these areas will always continue to define our success.

Simultaneously and inclusively, we also seek to improve student learning outcomes in all realms, the whole child. For our entire community we seek care, nurture, welcome and belonging. For every individual student we seek the development of their gifts, their calling, and their passions.

Parents and staff, let’s stay united around this shared purpose of improving student learning, and excelling in care, nurture, welcome and belonging.

David Gleeson, Principal