4 Nov 22

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Newsletter | Community

Melton Christian College is a wonderful, supportive community but sometimes I’m still blown away by the servant hearts and giving attitudes of our students. As we approach the end of the school year, I was curious to see if any MCC students would assist me with library tasks in the Resource Centre in Term 4. There is always something to do in library-land and MCC students are prolific browsers and borrowers! In October alone, 1900+ items have been loaned out to staff and students across the school. Eventually all those library items find their way home again, so any extra assistance is much appreciated!

The response we got back from the students was overwhelming, to the point where we couldn’t say yes to every volunteer. We ended up with 8 passionate Library Monitors from Years 4 and 5. The Library Monitors sacrifice their own lunchtimes, at least once a week, to help shelve books, tidy up the library collection, clean up craft activities, help with displays and assist other students as needed. They are proactive and supportive of one another; have eagle-eye vision for noticing when a book may be out of place or in need of repair and they have provided some great book recommendations too. The beginning of the Library Monitor Program coincided with the arrival of the Preps in the library space at lunchtime, so it has been a blessing to witness the kindness demonstrated to our youngest MCC cohort by our responsible and ever-helpful Library Monitors.

I would like to officially acknowledge, congratulate, and thank our 2022 MCC Library Monitors – Imogen O, Jade H, Isla C, Anna-Rose M, Catelyn T, Maddison S, Ayen D & Tanisha M – for giving up their own free time and helping to make the MCC Resource Centre the best school library it can be!


Josh Passarini, MCC Librarian