18 Feb 22

Academic Excellence Awards 2021

Newsletter | Secondary Update

Last year was another year of lockdowns and hardship. But despite it all, a group of students decided that they were not going to let what was happening externally affect their work ethic internally. These students continue to work hard through these tough times and made last year count. They truly represented what we strive for at the College in our core value of Excellence.

Recently we recognised some of these students at an Assembly. I want to recognise them here as well.

Academic Excellence Awards – Year 7 Amy O.
Academic Excellence Awards – Year 8 Isabelle L.
Academic Excellence Awards – Year 9 Sarah M.
Academic Excellence Awards – Year 10 Faith H.
Academic Excellence Awards – Year 10 Ryan H.
Academic Excellence Awards – Year 11 Paige C.
Internal VET – Subject Achievement Caleb L.
Internal VET – Effort Achievement Rees T.
Outstanding Achievement Award: Music (Junior) Kai A.
Outstanding Achievement Award: Drama (Junior) Tia C.
Outstanding Achievement Award: Dance (Senior) Olivia F.
Outstanding Achievement Award: Visual Arts (Junior) Jamie G.
Outstanding Achievement Award: Visual Arts (Senior) Monique B.
Outstanding Achievement Award: LOTE Japanese (Junior) Jaize C.
Outstanding Achievement Award: Sports (Junior) Raynal B.
Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program Ryan H.
ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award Jack F.
Yr 7 Effort Achievement Award Astin W.
Yr 8 Effort Achievement Award Mario M.
Yr 9 Effort Achievement Award Kinley H.
Yr 10 Effort Achievement Award Zivannia S.
Yr 11 Effort Achievement Award Jemma G.
Junior Secondary Principal’s Award Kinley H.

I congratulate all these students on their efforts in excellence last year.


Mr Derek Bendall, Head of Secondary