9 Aug 23

Celebrating 100 Days of Learning

Newsletter | Primary Update

What a wonderful day it was last week when our Prep students celebrated their 100th day of school! Along with this celebration, there are many learning opportunities for these children. They consolidate their understanding of the number 100 by doing a variety of Maths activities, they play a dice game with their Year 6 buddies, the Art lesson has a focus on creating themselves as a 100-year-old person and they all make a 100 medal that they get to take home as a keepsake of the day.

Our Year 5 students have just completed their camp and participated in activities such as mountain bike riding, hut building, canoeing, laser tag, damper cooking, low ropes, flying fox, gaga ball and navigating their way through a maze. Every activity reinforced the importance of teamwork. This is a necessary focus as we prepare them to be our primary leaders next year. They must see themselves as a part of a team. We see the importance of this in Ecclesiastes 4:9. I really like how the New Living Translation puts this: “Two people are better than one, for they can help each other succeed”.

As we look at all the events coming up over the next few weeks, we can’t overlook the learning opportunities that they provide for our students.

  • Wednesday 9 August – Open Classroom Afternoon – this allows an opportunity for children to develop their oral skills by explaining to their parents what they have been learning
  • Thursday 17 August – MPSSA District Athletics Day for Years 3 to 6 – our students are able to use their God-given athletic abilities to represent our College to the wider Melton community
  • Monday 21 to Friday 25 August – Book Week – this is an amazing way to develop a love of literacy, foster an enjoyment of books and look in depth at a shortlisted book of the year, highlighting the true story of the architect who designed the Sydney Opera House

Let’s find the learning opportunities in all that we do with our children.

Jodie Vamplew, Head of Primary