1 Apr 22

Celebrating Term 1 Achievements

Newsletter | Primary Update

As we near the end of term one, it is with thankfulness that we look back and realise what we have been able to achieve during this time, without any large interruptions.

We have been able to:

  • Welcome in our Prep students successfully
  • Welcome many new students successfully
  • Have our Years 3 to 6 swimming carnival
  • Have incursions onsite
  • Send classes on excursions
  • Hold our Years 2 to 6 athletics carnival
  • Participate in MPSSA interschool sports
  • Deliver teaching and learning

When we think back over the last two years, we must be thankful for the things that have happened during term one this year. Yes, things are not quite the same – maybe they will never go back to the old, normal ways – but your children have been able to learn, we have been able to teach and that will continue to be our aim.

A part of your child’s learning next week includes the Easter story. It is also a story of thankfulness; thankfulness to our Lord, Jesus Christ, who came to die for us and rose again so that we can be with Him forever. We are thankful that He promises He will come back one day.

Over the next three weeks, be thankful for the term we have had, be thankful for the term break, be thankful for Jesus, and be thankful for what we are looking forward to achieving in term two.

Have a safe and blessed Easter,

Jodie Vamplew, Head of Primary

Encouragement Awards

Sukhnimar K. Ethan M. Immanuel M. Jason M.
Ethan C. Simran B. Avish P. Eknoor K.
Elizabeth M. Sidak S. Eva B. Charmaine T.
Owen H. Myrampreet K. Elise B. Tanreet S.
Andre G. Eli T. Gabriel V. Aluel K.
Parineet T. Daeja A. Kiara S. E.J. K.
Mason L. Jake M. Karley L. Norah A.
Deanna H. Grace D. Tuiding R. Jacob N.
Dante M. Harper W. Aiden O. Teofila A.
Parinoor K. Adut D. Adele O. Bentley J.
Nyandeng B. Jack M. Enzo E.
Thomas H. Khushbani S. Indianah H.
Gina B.
Annon S.
Nausheen K.
Viraj S.


Franky S. Isabella T. Hrona L.
Ashley M. Isla C. Jack A.
Elisha A. Zoe A. Lachlan M.
Sarah C. Catelyn T. Paige K.
Javi S-M. Jaxon B. Aben K.
Arshia P. Liam G. Seth S.
Grace G. May S.
Manyang D. Sasha K.
Ruhaan S.
Stephanie S.