4 Oct 23

Celebrating the Little Wins

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

It feels crazy to think that we have started our final term for 2023 – and what a roller coaster journey it has been for us. Term Four will be our very first term that we will start and end at Toolern Vale. That is worthy of celebrating! Over the past few months, I have been prompted to be intentional about taking time to pause and celebrate; to celebrate wins, both big and small and to acknowledge people who are growing and developing, a little bit at a time.

As we reflect on the year so far, here is a snapshot of just some of the wins. I wonder what you can add from your perspective?

‘Let’s make it work’ – the motto for our classes as we settled into temporary spaces at Brookfield. What a beautiful and encouraging mindset.

With each delay, our TV community were continually adapting and flexible to the circumstances out of our control. This demonstrated resilience and grace.

We celebrated day one onsite with a day filled with joy and peace (and deliciousness) from start to finish. It was so lovely to see the appreciation and happiness on faces both young and old.

Our students settled quickly and calmy into our campus and classrooms. This is evidence of the safety and welcome that our lovely staff were able to (and continue to) create for our students and families.

We had our first bus ride to Brookfield campus. I watched the bus leave Toolern Vale feeling proud of our students for the way they embraced yet another ‘new’ part of this adventure.

We celebrated our opening ceremony in a relaxed yet professional manner. It was a celebration of community and excellence as our students and families (among others) were acknowledged for their patience and grace.

We celebrate weekly our students who have embodied our Core Values. It is always so beautiful to watch these students brimming with pride as they walk up to accept their award and are acknowledged for their persistence and hard work.

There is so much more to add. So, as we continue into this term, let’s think about what we can be celebrating and take time to pause and be in the moments that are worthy of acknowledging. I would love to hear about the wins from your perspective – let us know what they are when you see us on campus so that we can celebrate and be thankful together!

kellie giannes, head of toolern vale campus