7 Oct 22

Committed to Mission

Newsletter | Community

Clarity brings success.

And clarity across the organisation equals a successful team on mission.

 The staff at Melton Christian College take their mission seriously. Our purpose is, as a learning community under Christ, to excel in care, nurture, welcome and belonging. This will always continue to define our success, and to improve student learning outcomes in all realms; the whole child. We have all signed on with the clear understanding that each of us is responsible to carry out the College’s mission every single day.

Just as the student body is growing, as indicated by the second campus opening in Toolern Vale next year, so is the staff body. As we increase in numbers, we must ensure we grow and mature together, as a cohesive and united Christ-centered learning community.

To assist us in our shared work, the entire staff team – that’s everyone from the secondary education aides to the primary teaching team, the ICT technicians, through to the principal – has been engaged in a whole-team project. Our objective: clarifying and defining what a successful MCC team looks like on mission in our day-to-day work here at the College.

Some of the attributes defining what our team looks like when they’re on mission include:

…we are teachable, and committed to growth, so we often seek feedback from our colleagues.

…we give specific feedback: “this is the reason why”; we are clear and kind, truthful yet never brutal.

…we are present; we are not “multi-tasking”

We are committed to excellence and believe that we are designed by God to do life together in community. It stands to reason then that we intentionally, unashamedly pursue clarity within each department, and across departments here at MCC. After all, we are one community, connected through a singular mission.

Kristie Barber, Head of Teaching & Learning