14 Mar 24

Community and Parent Partnership

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

As we reflect on the events that unfolded during Week 6 at our school, we are reminded that our beautiful community is unique and special. We shared an exciting and enriching experience at our Toolern Vale campus. During this time, we had the privilege of hosting local emergency services volunteers who provided us with some valuable lessons on safety for our students.

In the final session of the day, the focus was on fire safety and emergency response strategies. Witnessing the genuine enthusiasm and joy of our students as they explored a real fire truck within our campus was truly delightful.

To add to the excitement, we opened our gates and welcomed our parent and family community to join in the learning and fun. These moments are invaluable opportunities for us to connect, fostering relationships that contribute to the warmth and success of our college community. Your presence and engagement play a vital role in creating a supportive learning environment for our students.

Research consistently stresses the significance of parent involvement in a child’s learning journey, correlating it with student success and improvement. We understand that each family’s commitments vary, and we are grateful for your involvement in any capacity that suits your unique circumstances.

Whether actively participating in at-home learning or seizing opportunities like the one presented last week, your partnership with us is significant, meaningful and appreciated.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community and contributing to your child’s learning journey.

Kellie Giannes
Head of Toolern Vale Campus