1 Feb 24

Community, Connection and the Exciting Unknown

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

A lovely warm welcome to our families both old and new. How wonderful to be back together as we embark on our 2024 journey and whatever it holds for us. Isn’t it exciting at this point in the year, as we think about all that might be ahead of us – some known and much unknown?

The unknown can cause some of us to feel a bit uneasy or anxious. And yet others will feel excitement and anticipation as we step into the yet undiscovered future. One of the special things about MCC is that we do this together as a community – and by doing it together, we can support and reassure each other when we need it. At Toolern Vale this year we have a diverse community in many ways – and one of those ways is that we have some families who have been a part of MCC for a little while, and others who are brand new to our school.

Those of us who are familiar with MCC know that our community is a lovely safe place to connect and to build relationships – between staff, students, and families. My encouragement to us all as we step into this year, is to be watching for opportunities to reach out and support each other. To connect and be present together as we continue to grow and develop here at Toolern Vale. For some of us, connecting can feel uncomfortable and awkward – however I know that it will be appreciated and so valuable, especially for our new families, as we settle and move forward into 2024.
Please also be reminded that there are no silly questions for us – if you are wondering or unsure about something, we want you to let us know. Your feedback and queries are important to us as they help to ensure that we are equipping every family and student with what they need for a successful and positive journey.

One of my favourite parts of this role is chatting and getting to know our people – the individuals who are part of ‘us’. I believe that building relationships is core to who we are and what makes our school special. How great will it be if we can all be willing to connect – and who knows what special relationships and friendships might be formed as we step into the year. That is an exciting unknown!

See you around campus!

Kellie Giannes, Head of Toolern Vale Campus.