15 May 24

Connecting Together: New Development at Toolern Vale

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

Our mothers are truly special, aren’t they? Recently, we had the pleasure of celebrating them at Toolern Vale. Our students were thrilled to welcome their mothers (and some wonderful stand-in mums) into their classrooms for a morning of fun activities and crafts. It was a joy to honour these special people in our lives and acknowledge all they do for us. We shared a delightful morning together.

I’ve previously written about the unique sense of community we have here at MCC. Watching our mums chat and enjoy their delicious breakfast boxes filled me with a sense of pride and happiness. The atmosphere was casual, friendly, and filled with a tangible warmth. It’s wonderful to see our culture continue to grow and infuse everything we do.

Our community is expanding and will keep growing each year. Every morning and afternoon, as I stand by the gate, I love seeing parents connect and build relationships. This is what our community is all about – fostering relationships and partnerships, not only with our staff but also among families.

To further support this connection, we are excited about the new welcome/waiting area being built between our classroom blocks. This space is designed specifically for our families to stop and get to know each other in a comfortable and inviting setting. We eagerly await its’ completion and look forward to seeing you all enjoy it. We hope it becomes a cherished space for everyone!

Kellie Giannes
Head of Toolern Vale Campus