24 May 23

Core Values Displayed

Newsletter | Primary Update

Last week I had the privilege of serving alongside some of my colleagues at the Year 6 camp. We headed off to Portsea and spent three days focussing on leadership, friendship and team building.

The children represented the college well and displayed our five Core Values of Respect, Community, Christ-centredness, Excellence and Passion for Teaching and Learning.

Respect was shown in the way they spoke to their peers, the college staff and the camp staff.

Community was displayed when they worked together to ensure their cabins were tidy for daily inspections.

Christ-centredness as they put others before themselves – letting them go first in line, looking after each other and encouraging each other.

Excellence as they aimed to do their activities to the best of their abilities.

Passion for Teaching and Learning happened as they listened and learnt new ways to do things and then encouraged others by providing reminders about processes when needed.

They participated in kayaking, high ropes, initiative games, flying fox and beach activities. Many overcame fears and bravely took on each new challenge they faced. We are truly blessed to be able to journey alongside these students and to watch the way they interact with the staff at our college and with each other.

I want to thank Mrs Lauren Muslayah for all of the organisation she did prior to the camp, ensuring it was a smooth process for the rest of us. A special thank you as well to Mrs Nafoose Curmi and Miss Tamara Drenovski – our other Year 6 teachers. The success of this camp can be attributed to the way the Year 6 teachers worked together collegially so that it was a wonderful experience for our students. Your children are blessed to have such dedicated and caring homeroom teachers.

Thank you also to the other staff who gladly agreed to assist – Mr Ian Shattock, Mrs Lanier Remo, Mr John Eddy and Miss Chloe Finster.

We thank God for watching over us and keeping us safe as we enjoyed His beautiful creation.

Jodie Vamplew, Head of Primary