5 Aug 22

Emu Gully Year 11 Camp

Newsletter | Secondary Update

The Year 11 students had the privilege to attend an interstate camp at Emu Gully Adventure Education Group between 25/7 and 29/7. The campsite, based near Toowoomba has been attended by the college for many years and despite the disruptions of Covid during 2020-2021, we were able to go once more. There was an excitement building Monday morning at the airport as we prepared to fly as a school. From the beginning the students demonstrated a great level of respect for each other and those around them as we made our way by plane and then by bus to the campsite. We reached the campsite in the afternoon and after being warmly greeted by the camp staff, students got straight into some challenging team building activities.

The nights were cold, but the days were beautiful (an average of 20 degrees), and from the second day, students participated in a range of activities that encouraged them to challenge themselves and support their team. It was encouraging to watch students go the extra mile and care for each other during activities involving water, tunnels, obstacle courses and mud. Of course, not to forget some of the highlights like skirmish and the buggies.

The staff at Emu Gully were professional, encouraging and provided regular feedback. As the week progressed, they helped students identify areas that needed change and we all watched the year level grow, develop, and become a stronger team.

The staff at MCC were amazing too. Our core values of community and Christ-centredness were obvious in the way they cared for students, supported them throughout the activities and even had a go themselves. The ability to build stronger connections with the students will play a positive role in our work as teachers and support staff.

As their co-ordinator, I was so proud of the way students participated and supported each other throughout the camp. Not only did they demonstrate our school values of respect and community, but they often went the extra mile in their care for one another. The camp has created wonderful memories and helped prepare students for greater success.

I look forward to continuing to work with this cohort as they make their way into their final year of secondary education in 2023. This camp has sown the seeds in preparation for what we hope will be a wonderful year for them all.

Barry Ibrahim, Year 11&12 Coordinator