4 Mar 22

Encouragement Awards and Uniform Reminders

Newsletter | Primary Update

Our first five weeks of school have flown by! There has been a lot of teaching and learning happening and our Preps have now joined us for full weeks – how exciting! 

We have well and truly settled back into a school routine, and I would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few things that will ensure this term continues successfully. You can find more information in the Parent Handbook on the MCC website. We ask for your cooperation in helping to ensure the following things are adhered to.  

  • We are still wearing our full summer uniform (see page 28) 
  • All uniform items must be MCC issue 
  • Label all items of clothing and school equipment clearly with your child’s name – include drink bottles, lunch boxes etc 
  • Hats are compulsory for all of term one 
  • Hair past the back collar must be tied back 
  • One small stud or sleeper is permitted in the lower part of each ear 
  • The only other jewellery permitted is a cross or ichthus on a light necklace 
  • Coloured nail polish is not permitted 
  • Skirt and dress lengths must be at the middle of the kneecap 
  • Read and sign diaries each day 
  • PE uniform is worn on PE days – if you are unsure of what day your child has PE, please email their homeroom teacher 
  • School starts promptly at 8:45am – entry is still via the front gate for all primary students 

Let’s continue to be mindful of others in our community by maintaining a safe distance from each other and leaving the college grounds as quickly as possible after you have dropped off and picked up your child. 

God bless you and take care. 

Jodie Vamplew, Head of Primary 


Maddison K.  Indi C.  Marcus S.  Isla B. 
Axel A.  Harjas S.  Ajooni A.  Francesco L. 
Eva G.  Jasmira A.  Eden F.  Eliana K. 
Himmat P.  Caleb P.  Alexander A.  Nadiya K. 
Bodhi O.  Nyandeng D.  Khaleesi W.  Intira J. 
Sidnie M.  Biekhaichai F.  Zayden P.  Hayden B. 
Stefan A.  Neitlei B.  Lachlan C.  Ivy T. 
Shinepreet S.  Davis Y.  Heera B.  Luka T. 
Isaac P.  Tristin G.  Elizabeth B.  Makuei D. 
Nirol K.  Willow H.  Paul L.  Kalvari B. 
Samuel P.  Riley N.    Aiden E. 
Bethany K.  Jai S.    Basma K. 
Saige M.       
Alexander S.       
Nathaniel L.       
Samrath G.       


Davina M.  Sidhak A.  Trinity G. 
Rachel G.  Anna-Rose M.  Wilhem P. 
Franky S.  Cooper G.  Dion Q. 
Daniella P.  Sophia V.  Charli S. 
Elisha L.  Asees T.  Amos L. 
Seth G.  Anureet L.  Amy G. 
Reece H.  Micah M.  Hayul K. 
Rebecca K.  Luke W.  Alannah G. 
  Ayen D.   
  Tanisha M.