12 Jul 23

Exciting Experiences

Newsletter | Secondary Update

Welcome back to Term Three. I pray everyone has had a great break. We have a very full Term Three ahead of us, with every year level being able to look forward to a specially catered experience where they get to discover more of God’s world and their place in it.

Year 7s will be heading off in week 4 to the Melbourne Museum to support their understanding of First Nations people.

Year 8s will be exploring Kryal Castle in week 9 to build on their knowledge of Medieval Europe.

Year 9s will be going on their Year 9 Camp in week 7, where they will learn first aid, bush survival and party safety – all important skills that that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.

Year 10s will spend week 3 out in the work force for their Work Experience week, which will give them an idea of what vocations they might want to explore as they start their preparation for future transition from school to work.

Year 11s at the same time, week 3, will fly to Queensland to participate in our memorable ANZAC-themed Emu Gully camp, where they will come to understand the four pillars of the ANZACS: Courage, Perseverance, Mate-ship and Sacrifice.

And of course, our Year 12s will be finishing off their Unit 4 studies and spending the last week of term undertaking practice exams to prepare them for their VCAA exams next term.

A group of Japanese students will also join us for several weeks, and we will end off in week 10 with Parent Teacher Meetings to review the whole term.

Remember to keep in touch. If you have any concerns or questions, please get in contact with your child’s homeroom teacher.

derek bendall , head of secondary