24 Aug 23

Growing in Culture and Community

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

We were very grateful to have the opportunity to host some special visitors onsite at Toolern Vale during Week 5, and our children were very excited to see them! Our energetic and kind Year 6 buddies came to spend time with our students, and it was beautiful to watch the children connect and hang out together. The Year 6 class blessed us by facilitating our chapel session from start to finish. It was so lovely to observe these older student’s lead our chapel with such passion and maturity. We sang some joyful and energetic worship songs and were treated to a meaningful message, as the students performed a skit for us based on a story in the Bible. As I watched this time together, I was struck by the significance of the impact that this had for all students involved. Our older students displayed excellence and passion as they competently and confidently interacted and led our younger students. Our younger students were watching intensely and listening carefully and respectfully, as they were mentored and guided by their older peers. This is a lovely example of what community is all about – teaching, learning, and growing together, journeying collectively, as we use our unique gifts and talents to bless and serve each other.

The community we are growing at Toolern Vale is special. Our Bible tells us to “not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin”. Small beginnings require dedication and commitment by all, and I love to watch our community in action as we embrace the blessings and opportunities that come with starting small. Small beginnings allow us to learn, adapt and build momentum over time. Small beginnings teach us patience, perseverance, and the importance of consistency and unity.

Although we are starting small at Toolern Vale, we are not beginning on our own. We are part of a learning community that was founded on faith and biblical truths many, many years ago. We are supported and connected to a shared vision that unites us together as a whole college, aligned in purpose and committed to the continual shaping and nurturing of our warm and caring culture.

Kellie giannes, head of toolern vale campus