29 Feb 24

Honor One Another Above Yourselves

Newsletter | Primary Update

We are immensely grateful to be part of a school community that upholds and exemplifies the value of respect. It is one of our five core values. At Melton Christian College, respect guides our interactions and relationships. We believe that every individual deserves respect and should give respect.

Why do we emphasise respect? Because it stems from love, care, and the desire to honour one another. As Romans 12:10 reminds us, “Honor one another above yourselves.” While the concept of respect may not yet be fully understood by our younger students, they understand the importance of love and care. It is our collective responsibility to nurture and instil respect in our children, knowing that they often mirror the behaviour they observe in us.

Where do we witness respect in action? It’s in the warmth of our greetings, the use of manners, the calmness of our conversations, the practice of responding rather than reacting, and the attentive listening to others. These examples of respect are evident daily within our classrooms and throughout the school grounds, making a huge difference in our community.

As we continue encouraging our children to embody respect, let us lead by example, serving as positive role models within our community.

Additionally, I would like to inform you of the following events scheduled over the next few weeks:

  • Tuesday, February 27th – Primary Christian Leadership Conference (for primary captains)
  • Thursday, February 29th – Year 4 History Box incursion
  • Thursday, February 29th – MPSSA District Swimming – Primary
  • Friday, March 1st – Summer Sports – Round 3 – Year 6
  • Tuesday, March 5th – Year 5 excursion
  • Tuesday, March 5th and Wednesday, March 6th – Parent Helper Induction Information sessions
  • Friday, March 8th – Summer Lightning Premiership MPSSA – Primary
  • Monday, March 11th – Labour Day Holiday
  • Tuesday, March 12th – Western Ranges Divisional Swimming – Primary