17 Jun 22

Inaugural Christian Schools Student Leadership Day

Newsletter | Primary Update

It was exciting to attend the first-ever Christian Schools Leadership Day with members of the MCC Primary student leadership team. 

After a long drive to Maranatha Christian School in Officer, we settled into some great input sessions and leadership games. 

Max learned that we work better as a team. “I enjoyed learning about different leadership styles,” he said. “Meeting student leaders from other schools was a highlight.

Levi also enjoyed meeting new students as well. Working with teachers from other schools was good as we heard stories of how other schools are running student leadership programs. “I learned that Backwards leadership (leading from behind / by example) is the most effective type of leadership you can display,” said Levi. Lunchtime soccer was also great! 

Ella picked up some new leadership skills and appreciated meeting others from different schools. “I’d like to see the amount of litter reduce at our school,” said Ella – as a direct result of her learning at the event. “Learning to be more organised to make events run smoothly, was also something that stood out to me.” 

Amos enjoyed working with other students and making new friends. “I learned to put others before myself,” said Amos. “I also realised that the team approach works best.”  

Hayul noted some great new games that got students mixing and building new relationships. “A great leader makes sacrifices for the benefit of others”, was a quote that stood out to Hayul. 

Year 5/6 Coordinator Mr. Glen Strange was privileged to attend the event (and drive the bus!) along with Mrs. Maria Skelton. “I am blessed to work with a wonderful group of student leaders,” said Mr. Strange. “We meet every Wednesday lunchtime for leadership training sessions and to plan activities that make MCC an even better school to come to.”