26 Jun 24

Intentional Rest

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

In the past, I often used the phrase “work-life balance” to describe managing and compartmentalising the various aspects of life. However, my perspective has changed. I now see work not as a separate entity from life but as an integral part of it. Work is something that God himself engaged in when He created the world. As beings made in His image, we are also meant to work, reflecting His intentions for us to care for the world He entrusted to us.

While many look forward to the end of the week with a “FriYay” spirit, I find myself saying, “Yay – it’s Monday!” because each Monday brings the joy of returning to our beautiful school and being part of this wonderful community. As in any part of life, there are ups and downs and challenges and opportunities. This is life with all that it encompasses.

Equally important is the concept of rest, which, like work, is also a divine principle. After creating the world, God rested, setting an example for us. Rest is not about escaping life but about rejuvenating ourselves so we can continue our journey with renewed energy and purpose. Rest is also God’s good intention for us.

As our school break approaches, I hope we all find time to rest and recharge. Rest looks different for each of us – it might be hiking, enjoying the sunshine, sitting by a cozy fire, or cooking a delicious meal. My hope for you and your families is that you find moments during this break to pause, feel peace, and experience calm in your own unique ways.

kellie giannes, head of toolern vale campus