29 Nov 23

Introducing 2024 Student Leadership

Newsletter | Secondary Update

As we end this year, I am delighted to announce the 2024 Student Leadership team and the exceptional individuals who will lead our College as House Captains and members of the Student Senate. These outstanding students embodying our Core Values, particularly that of Excellence, play a pivotal role in shaping our school culture.

Year 12 Student Leaders:

  • Michael C
  • Sarah M
  • Alastair T
  • Harpreet S
  • Angel P
  • Lila N
  • Sarah S

Year 11 Student Leaders:

  • Heleana M
  • Nimesh S
  • London D
  • Yer D
  • Melanie M

These students, drawn from both Year 11 and Year 12, have demonstrated exceptional qualities that make them stand out as leaders among their peers. We extend our congratulations to each of them and express our gratitude for their dedication to our school community.

House Captains:

Joshua House:

  • Kinley H
  • Deon K
  • Jas K  – Vice Captain

Caleb House:

  • Sahil J
  • Sarah A
  • Noah W  – Vice Captain

Gideon House:

  • Maia S
  • Kaelin A
  • Deng D – Vice Captain

Daniel House:

  • Bethany G
  • Vihara G
  • Jarred M  – Vice Captain

These House Captains will play a crucial role in fostering healthy competition and collaboration during various school events throughout 2024. We have full confidence in their ability to inspire their fellow students and uphold the Core Values that define our school.

It is an honour to work alongside and support our student leaders. Their commitment to excellence sets a high standard for their peers and reflects positively on our school community. Well done to all these students.

I pray you all have a safe and restful Christmas break, enjoy the celebrations that come with the birth of our Lord, and I look forward to continuing our partnership in educating our students here at the College.

derek bendall, head of secondary