14 Feb 24

Iron Sharpens Iron

Newsletter | Community

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend”. This verse is a proverb found in the bible and describes the significance of our community and how we continually learn and grow from each other in our diversity.

I am sure you will know by now that we have five core values that are considered our ‘non-negotiables’ – this means we ensure that they are central to all we do and say – regardless of our role in our college. We might be someone on staff, a student, a parent or perhaps a family member. As a member of our Melton Christian College community, living out these core values is essential.

Our college core values are Community, Respect, Excellence, Passion for Teaching & Learning, and Christ-centredness. All of these, when embodied by our school members, create this beautiful culture that we all know and love. Some of us are new to school and MCC. Some of us have been around for a few years, but I am sure that no matter how long you have been with us, you will have a real sense of our culture, which is unique and special.

Our college is a welcoming and caring place that feels safe and warm for everyone. We are a community that always respects each other and our diversity. We embrace the learning and growth that comes from being near people who are different to us. We are a place where no single person is more important than another. Our principal is not more important than our new prep students. Our teaching staff are not more important than our office staff. The difference between any of us is simply that we have different roles to play within our community. The responsibility that we each have is different depending on the part we play in our school. And we cannot be this lovely community of nurture and calm without every person doing their bit – whatever that looks like.

So, thank you for being a part of this incredible learning environment and for doing your bit to ensure we all continue to grow and develop this beautiful, calm and welcoming culture in which our children thrive and feel safe and protected. It certainly is a privilege to be journeying with you in this season.

Kellie Giannes
Head of Toolern Vale Campus