2 Sep 22

Keeping our Campus Safe

Newsletter | Principal's Message

Rarely, but importantly I write to parents and staff about safe use of the College carpark.

I have been told that no other Melton school has a carpark within its grounds. Apparently, at other schools parents park in the surrounding streets to drop their children off and to collect them. Many of our parents do that here too. Parking in the local streets is a very good option once your children are old enough to be safe making their way into the campus.

So let me explain the basics of using our car park.

It is helpful to recognise that there are three parts to our carpark. To maximise children’s safety, there are different ways of using the three different parts.

  1. Main carpark. This is where you park if you want to get out of your vehicle. For their safety, young children may not walk through the main carpark without an adult. Every pedestrian is always to use the crossings.
  2. Kiss-&-Go. The Kiss-&-Go is within the main carpark, it runs beside the pathway at the front of the buildings. At the Kiss-&-Go, you may not park and leave your vehicle. You only stop the car so the children can get in or out, then you drive away. That’s why it’s called the Kiss-&-Go, because the children give mum or dad a quick kiss, and then they go, and you also go. No drivers may get out of their car if the car stops in the Kiss-&-Go zone.
  3. Staff Carpark. Only staff may take their vehicles up the full length of the gravel roadway that runs past the Uniform Shop. That gravel roadway leads to the staff carpark. Parents may use the first part of that gravel parking, near the Uniform Shop, but may not go past there.

I hope that is helpful for everyone. As you would know, our objective is making the campus safe for everyone, but most particularly for your children.

Mr David Gleeson, Principal