7 Jun 23

Building Christ-like Character Traits

Newsletter | Secondary Update

A couple of weeks ago, our Year 8 classes enjoyed a break from the traditional classroom environment and continued their learning in the great outdoors. Each individual class travelled to Anglesea to participate in a 15km hike through the bush, to then set up camp, cook food using a Trangia, and then sleep in tents under the stars.

This camp was a great experience that teaches our students many life skills and builds a number of character traits. Perseverance is the first character trait that comes to mind. Each student might find certain elements of this camp difficult. The 15km hike might be difficult for some, especially the parts of this hike that are on the soft sands of the beach. Cooking food adequately over a fire without getting dirt in the bowl might be a challenge to some. Even sleeping in tents through a cold night might test some of our students. I am happy to report that despite all these challenges, every student who went on this camp learnt to persevere with these difficulties.

Community is another trait that is learnt, which is one of our College’s Core Values. It’s important that students know that life done together tends to be more successful than when it’s done alone. So, helping others going through difficult challenges on this camp was important to ensure that the whole group succeeded. Well done to each Year 8 class for supporting each other and succeeding together on this camp.

Being prepared is another trait that is quickly learnt on this camp. Our College founder Mr Simon Liefting would often say “if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.” Students on this camp had to be prepared to succeed. They needed to prepare clothing and bedding items to withstand the cold night, they needed to prepare enough water and proper footwear to endure the 15km hike and they needed to carefully prepare their cooking equipment to ensure the production of their tea was well cooked and dirt free. Perseverance, Community and Being Prepared are all great learnings for each of our student’s future.

Well done and thank you to Mrs Gillie and her Year 8 teaching team on journeying with our students throughout this experience.

Derek Bendall, Head of Secondary