15 Nov 23

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

I remember as a young child hearing about the difference between knowledge and wisdom. ‘Knowledge is knowing what to say, wisdom is knowing when to say it’. We can ‘know’ a lot, but unless we are wise in the way we apply our knowledge, it is not very useful.

Knowledge and wisdom are two distinct concepts. Knowledge is about gathering information through learning and experiences and gaining an awareness of a topic or subject. Wisdom, however, goes beyond simply knowing and encompasses the ability to apply understanding in a practical or insightful manner. Wisdom involves judgment and discernment and is crucial to life and all its complexities. It takes time to develop wisdom and it often involves learning from mistakes and life experiences.

Our teachers deliver an academic curriculum and instill knowledge in our students. But for our staff, that is not where the teaching and learning ends. Our college’s vision ‘provides excellent Christ-centred education in a caring and nurturing environment, equipping students to reach their full potential in Christ’. Our purpose and goal is to deliver teaching that is holistic, thus facilitating a learning space that inspires curious imagination and exploration. Our teachers develop learning environments that create classrooms that are vital arenas for faith and life growth.

Learning for understanding (wisdom) rather than simply retention (knowledge) involves equipping our students to critique the meanings in the topics they explore. Our staff structure learning to provide growth and the gradual building of understanding, as our students experience and make new discoveries in their learning.

“Growing in wisdom and character requires well-rounded, whole-of-life formation, that is intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual” (Transformation by Design); and that is core to our purpose and vision for our learning community at Melton Christian College.

Kellie giannes, head of toolern vale campus