18 Mar 22

Legal Studies with Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash

Newsletter | Secondary Update

Unit 1 Legal Studies students zoom-interviewed the Federal Attorney-General, Senator Michaelia Cash, on Wednesday 9th March via a link to Perth. Senator Cash was extremely interested in students’ questions and reasons for studying Legal Studies.

Discussion ranged from alternative sanction methods in reforming inequalities, to Indigenous traditional law, to the role and future of women in politics and government. She is a fitting example of this herself, having gone from being a back-packer around the Middle East, to a lawyer and Member of Parliament. She especially encouraged Sarah, Destiny, San San, Faith, and Madi to aim high and believe that God can do great things with a determined young woman.

The Minister also had engaging discussions on law and finances with Ayrton and Ishant. 

When speaking with Minister Cash my class had a lot of fun. There were many things we discussed, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine, the ideas of equity and what we can do to end up in a similar position as her after high school. There was one thing that the minister said that really stood out to me; and has even been playing in my head every day since. She said, ‘it’s not just about today, it’s about tomorrow.’ She said this while discussing the Russian/Ukraine war. The context behind this was a question about how we can help the people suffering in the war. She later explained that by studying legal studies we were going to impact the future. By putting good people in power, changes how things play out. This really stood out to me and even made me wish to change my career path to a more political and legal career. – Madison, Year 11

The event was a very positive experience and Senator Cash was genuinely impressed with the range and calibre of our students’ questions. She even suggested another discussion! Congratulations to Sarah B, Destiny H, San San U, Faith H, Madison B, Ishant P, and Ayrton S. Grateful thanks to Mr Prowse and Mrs Hansen for their help.

Lachlan Mason, Secondary Teacher