6 Sep 23

Lessons from Camp Rescue

Newsletter | Secondary Update

I’d like to share stories of the recent success of our recent Year 9 camp, affectionately named “Camp Rescue,” held at the picturesque Lake Dewar Retreat. This camp has vividly showcased the Melton Christian College Core Value of Community, enabling students to learn essential skills while building connections and creating cherished memories. The spirit of community was alive and thriving during “Camp Rescue.” Our Year 9 students came together in unity, forming new bonds and strengthening existing friendships. This camp beautifully embodies our college’s emphasis on togetherness and support within our community.

“Camp Rescue” was not just an outdoor adventure; it was a transformative learning experience. Integrated seamlessly into the camp’s program were workshops on first aid, party safety, and bush survival. These practical skills empower our students, aligning perfectly with our commitment to nurturing responsible individuals. A highlight of the camp was the enlightening session with Senior Constable Ross. The insights shared during this session were eye-opening and essential. Senior Constable Ross provided invaluable guidance on personal safety, responsible decision-making, and the importance of a secure and supportive community. This interaction not only broadened our students’ perspectives but also fostered trust and collaboration with law enforcement.

I’d like to extend heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated staff members who orchestrated “Camp Rescue” with meticulous care, ensuring its seamless execution. I also commend our Year 9 students for their enthusiastic involvement and commitment to learning and growth. Reflecting on the impact of “Camp Rescue,” it is clear that our students have not only acquired practical skills but have also embodied the spirit of community that defines Melton Christian College. The experiences gained during this camp will undoubtedly resonate, positively influencing their personal and academic journeys.

Derek Bendall, Head of secondary