Life at MCC


The positive experience of Melton Christian College

Yr 5 students testing out our new computer lab. Yr 5 students testing out our new computer lab.

At Melton Christian College, we understand the space between our students’ hopes and fears, between who they are and who they are yet to be. Life at MCC fills that space with positive experience that builds rhythm, security, confidence, richness and wisdom.

MCC is a community of professionals and students sharing a common focus yet recognising distinct developmental phases and individual requirements across the school.

With a dynamic curriculum, a resilience-building pastoral care programme and a co-curricular commitment that drives learning well beyond the classroom, no two days are ever identical at MCC. No two students’ experiences will be exactly the same. Everything we do at MCC counts. The strong connections we create between students and adults, the work we do for community service and charities, our focus on regeneration, sustainability and landcare projects, the intrinsic value of our chapel services – all reflect our firm belief in the quality of our students.