29 May 24

Looking Out for the Safety and Care for Our Students

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

One of my favourite parts of each day is being at the school gate at the start and end of the day. There are several reasons why this time is so important. The most obvious reason is ensuring the safety of your children, our students. We want to make sure they stay within the yard when they are dropped off and before they are picked up, avoiding any hazards around cars and carparks. As part of our duty of care, we also monitor who is picking up the students to ensure they are with trusted individuals. These are all practical and sensible measures we take.

Another equally important reason is so that we can be aware of anything that might affect the wellbeing of our students. Whether through conversation or by observing their demeanour as they arrive, we want to be attuned to any changes. Let me explain with an example: if a usually outgoing and happy student arrives looking quiet or unlike themselves, we check in with them and, if necessary, speak with their parents or carers to understand if there’s anything we need to be aware of. This also allows us to pass on any important messages from parents to homeroom teachers in a timely and sensitive manner. Our goal is to care for and nurture your children as effectively and gently as possible. Connection and relationship are key to the success of our community and the learning for our children, so everything we do is intentional and purposed towards our goal – to care for and support our students and families.

Partnering with our parent community is essential, and we do this in many ways. Nurturing and caring for your children together is a significant part of our collaboration. I always see us as a team, working towards the same goal – supporting our young people as they grow and develop into the incredible individuals they are meant to be. It is special and an honour we acknowledge and appreciate daily.

Kellie Giannes
Head of Toolern Vale Campus