20 May 22

MCC Teachers are Life-Long Learners

Newsletter | Teaching and Learning

Our staff are not only committed to leading students in their learning but are committed to their own.

We would like to recognise and celebrate two of our very own teachers, Mrs Jill Monnik and Mrs Josephine Roy, who completed their post-graduate studies, Master of Education (Leadership) and celebrated this part of their learning journey in style in a formal cap and gown ceremony in Sydney on Saturday.

Mrs Monnik and Mrs Roy studied with the National Institute for Christian Education (NICE) via Alphacrucis College University. Commitment to a Master-level of study is no small thing. Mrs Monnik and Mrs Roy have dedicated 100s of hours of reading and writing about Christian education. And because of their commitment to their own growth and development, they have contributed to the growth and development of this local Christian learning community.

Mrs Monnik and Mrs Roy’s learnings from the NICE Master of Education (Leadership) course have been outworked through their own professional practice in the classroom and helped shape and improve practices across the College.

We are deeply grateful for Jill and Josephine’s commitment to learning and helping this learning community to flourish.

Kristie Barber, Head of Teaching and Learning