5 Aug 22

MTC Ambassadors Program

Newsletter | Secondary Update

This year I have been given the privilege of being a 2022 Melbourne Theatre Company Ambassador. This program allows me to meet once a month with other year eleven students from all over Victoria, who are just as passionate as I am about various aspects of the theatre.

At each monthly ambassador meeting, I have the chance to speak with a seasoned theatre professional, each one from a different area of theatre, either in an onstage or offstage role. Afterwards my fellow ambassadors and I all receive a ticket to watch an MTC production, which has proved to be an excellent opportunity to inspire my creativity and increase my knowledge of the theatrical possibilities when producing a production. Even just being able to spend time and form friendships with the other 2022 Ambassadors has been amazing, as I find it incredibly refreshing to spend time in a community of people my age, who love theatre and the prospect of pursuing it as a career. I have been so blessed to be a 2022 MTC Ambassador as the opportunities it presents for me going into the future are unprecedented.

We have had four meetings to date, and we have met some incredible people including the wonderful actress and playwright, Virginia Gay, the talented actor, Shiv Palekar, who starred in the MTC production we viewed earlier, ‘The Sound Inside’, which was potentially the most incredible show I have ever had the honour to see, the lovely MTC Ambassadors Giving Circle donors who make this program possible for people like me each year, the Head of Education and Families, Jeremy Rice who taught us about the process involved in programming a show season at MTC, and Katy Maudlin, the renowned director of the MTC Original we had the pleasure to see at our first meeting, ‘Slap. Bang. Kiss.’.

It has been an utterly terrific experience so far and I look forward to what else the year holds in store for the MTC Ambassadors.

Faith, Year 11 Student