26 Jun 24

New News: New Campus

Newsletter | Principal's Message

You remember that our school grew from one campus to two; well, I have new news.

But first, let’s recall the two main reasons we opened a second campus …

  • The first reason was that we believe in what we do.
  • The second reason was that families believe in what we do as shown by the ever-increasing number of applicants for places.

On the first reason, that we believe in what we do, there is significance in Christian schooling. It is wonderfully effective for learning when a school is in communion with families. Our MCC families want their children to learn deep reasons to live well, great reasons to serve well, and true reasons to become pro-social contributors to society. Christian schooling done well, does this. When the families are ‘on board’ with the school, then the school is empowered to nurture the children really strongly.

The second reason we started a second campus is the demand for places. The growing number of applicants has not stopped growing. Many families in greater Melton still want to join our school.

So, you will notice throughout this fortnight’s news updates, that we are announcing another first for Melton Christian College. We will be starting a third campus. It will not be an onsite location, our next new campus will be an online campus.

Next year, as well as Brookfield and Toolern Vale onsite campuses, MCC is going to start an Online Campus offering Year 7 and Year 8. It will be online learning, but not as you know it. Our Online Campus will provide the traditional MCC learning that families have grown to expect, but it will be flexible learning. It will be your learning, your way.

That is exciting. The future of schooling is going to be here … or there, or wherever you are in Victoria because our Online Campus will allow students to stay home and be in class at the same time.

Oh, and in case you are worried about anything, be reassured nothing will change for our onsite delivery of onsite schooling at Brookfield Campus and Toolern Vale Campus. Nothing changes for anything we have been doing. The new campus, which we are calling the Online Campus, is a totally freestanding campus of our school, and will not undermine anything that we currently offer.

I am genuinely excited that our school is planning to broaden the reach of the good work that our teachers do. For example, the Online Campus will allow families who live in country Victoria, maybe in Gippsland, maybe in Hamilton or Horsham, places far from Melton, the chance to join this school.

Feel free to spread the news. We know that you, our MCC parents are this school’s greatest advocates, so please do let your friends and work-colleagues know. Anyone can find out more from our website.

Online Christian education is becoming available, starting with Year 7 and Year 8 in 2025 via Melton Christian College.

david gleeson, principal