17 Apr 24

Nurturing, Guiding and Educating Children

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

During the recent Easter break, we had the privilege of meeting with our prospective Prep families. Remember the mix of excitement and nerves as you prepared for school? It’s a feeling we’re all too familiar with. But for us, it was an opportunity to extend a warm welcome to more families in our community and deepen our connections.

In these conversations, I take great joy in sharing our commitment to caring for children. I emphasise how we work hand in hand with our families to provide nurturing support for our students. It’s a heartfelt discussion, underscoring the importance of partnership and the vital role parents play in their children’s lives. Our values are firmly rooted in the teachings of Jesus, guiding our every action and decision.

We firmly believe parents are entrusted with the sacred responsibility of nurturing, guiding, and educating their children. Our role is to stand alongside families as their children embark on a transformative journey through our school, spanning from Prep to graduation. This partnership is not merely significant; it’s a privilege we deeply cherish and honour.

Christian education holds a special place in our hearts, and I’m passionate about sharing its impact with new and longstanding families. It’s a unique opportunity for us to support our students’ holistic growth and development. And beyond academics, we’re here to support you, recognising the invaluable role you play as the primary caregivers for your children.