26 Jul 23

One Vision, Two Locations

Newsletter | Toolern Vale Update

What an exciting time we have had transitioning and settling in to our Toolern Vale campus this week! During our chapel session, we were reminding each other of the significance of our identity as a community belonging to Melton Christian College.

Our children reflected on some aspects of our surroundings that were a bit different to what they had been used to at our Brookfield campus – our location and surrounding landscape is all that is different. We then discussed all the parts of ‘us’ that are the same. Our identity as students and families belonging to MCC and this beautiful community remains unchanged. Our staff, our Core Values (Respect, Community, Passion for Teaching and Learning, Excellence and Christ-Centredness), our culture, and the essence of who we are is the same as it always has been. We have One Vision over Two Locations, and that is exciting!

MCC is growing and expanding as we welcome more families into our community – but our purpose and mission remains the same. We are a place that delivers a Christ-centred education to our children and families, we are a college who welcomes and cares for every unique and special child in our school. We see Christ as relevant and interested in all that we do and in every aspect of our learning – both in and out of the classroom. We see our children as young people who have been created to be unique, and we support their growth in all realms of their lives. For us at MCC, education is about a whole person formation, and we invite our students to develop an understanding of their distinct and special purpose in life. What an honour and blessing to be a part of this community across our two beautiful campuses.

Kellie Giannes, Head of Toolern Vale Campus