30 Oct 23

Our New School House Logos

Newsletter | Sports

2024 marks a significant change in the Melton Christian College House team structure.

Initially when our school started, it was a three House competition with Caleb (red), Gideon (blue) and Joshua (white) being the Houses which competed in sporting events and in classroom activities. These houses were all based on strong biblical characters.

In the 2000’s as our school grew in numbers, the house structure expanded to include a new House, Daniel, which was yellow in colour and representative of another biblical hero.

As we move into 2024, our Houses will now have logos of our House teams. These logos will be representative of the biblical traits of each character.

Caleb: A leader of his tribe and a skillful spy, he famously looked up towards the mountains that God promised his people and trusted it would one day be given to them.

Gideon: Once a shy farmer, he had faith in God’s calling on his life and became a great warrior. With boldness and passion, he endured any battle that was thrown his way.

Daniel: With wisdom and courage, he committed to stand strong for what was right, even when everyone (and every lion) was against him.

Joshua: A great example of obedience and humility, his willingness to serve others and fight for what was right allowed him to accomplish great things.

Finally there will be one other major change. Joshua House will now be changing it’s colour to green!

This change is a step forward to make life easier for our families who try to find coloured clothing for their children on our different sporting days and brings us in line with the traditional sports house colours.

I hope you are all as excited as us about the changes going forward.

Ian shattock, primary pe coordinator