7 Oct 22

Pastor’s Appreciation Event

Newsletter | Community

On the 15th of September we welcomed local pastors and ministers onto our campus for a time of fellowship and connection at our Pastor’s Appreciation Event. As these local pastors gathered, Principal David Gleeson, spoke on the topic of being ‘seen’.

During the last two years, many professions were seen in a way we have never acknowledged them before. Essential staff such as nurses, police officers, truck drivers, aged care facility workers and more were highlighted as being on the frontier of the Pandemic. Much of our community endured the emotional and physical effects of the Pandemic and our Pastors made a tremendous effort in caring for such people.

After the devotion, the pastors were taken on a tour of the college and invited to see where their students learned. It was an opportunity for the pastors to see how their spiritual shepherding influenced the classroom.

We hope to continue relationships with local pastors to continue discipling our students in learning, and in the gospel.

We encourage you to take the time today to thank them and Praise God for their care and love during a tumultuous season.

Sarah Quinto, Community & Marketing Coordinator