1 Apr 22

Physics Day at Luna Park

Newsletter | Secondary Update

We, as the Year 12 Physics class, had the privilege to attend one of the most sought-after excursions this term. A Physics Day at Luna Park (St. Kilda)! Why are Luna Park rides fun? The answer, of course, is that it is all in the Physics! Most of the fun comes from experiencing changing g-forces.

In class, students spent time conceptualising and analysing Newton’s laws of vertical and horizontal circular motion. Luna Park provided the opportunity to experience these motions in extreme conditions. Students then reflected and carried out calculations based on their experiences.

“The Luna Park excursion was a great day for me and all involved. We were able to see a practical example of centripetal acceleration. This helped in learning the topic after the fact as we were able to do questions on something we had experienced. I feel that the day also brought us closer together as friends. We were able to share a fun, and for most, first time experience together. The environment was very chilled to give us the best experience out there and it really helped us make the most of the day. Even though we were still in uniform and representing the school, being with our teacher outside of the school environment helped us all relax and improve our relationship for the coming year. It was a good break from our serious start to a serious year and allowed us to take our minds off studying and only focussing on school across all our various subjects thus far. From catching the train there as a class to experiencing the fear inspiring rides, it really built community between us. After our great experience at Luna Park, we ate at a local burger place where the food was amazing. We then hung out together at the beach nearby before calling it a day. All in all, I enjoyed the day and know my classmates feel the same. I’m glad we got the opportunity for it.” Luka

“Our 2022 Physics Luna Park excursion was a memorable yet a practical experience for us, seniors. We had the chance to create a bond as a class through each other’s company and enjoyment. Together we were able to learn more about each other’s similarities and differences and how we can use them to strengthen each other throughout the year. This entertaining experience gave us the ability to see the application of our class content in a realistic setting, making learning a more intriguing and interesting, as well as being a refresher from the daily life. Ultimately, this excursion is really an experience contributing to deepen our understanding of content taught in class and great for the well-being of the class.” Chesca

“I was looking forward to the excursion but also very reluctant to go because I have a fear of heights and most rollercoasters. I feel I might’ve overcome fears of some rides even though that was not the point of the excursion. On the rides, I did actually experience all the forces that were acting on me. On ‘The Pharoah’s Curse’ we went upside down high in the air and stayed still for about 3 seconds. I certainly felt all the forces acting on me from the seat straps pulling me up to the gravitational force pulling me down. It was one of the craziest experiences I’ve had but it was undoubtedly worth it. It was a good time to talk to everyone in my class as I don’t get a chance to talk to everyone and spend a day in the city with them very often. It was good to talk to people I don’t usually talk with and with the teacher too as it isn’t like a classroom where you sit and listen but rather converse with each other. We also grabbed some food together afterwards so I would say overall it was a pretty fun time and good learning experience.” Daniel

“Physics day at Luna Park was a great experience for all the physics students to gain more understanding of the concepts in a fun and exciting way. It was a great opportunity for all of us to get closer and build a stronger bond with each other while experiencing thrilling rides. This made the learning experience of the topic exhilarating as well as realistic because we experienced the effects of the different forces in circular motion. It also felt special to have a physics focused day at Luna Park where we got to meet other physics students and interact with them during our time there. Overall, it was an amazing experience!!” Diksha

It was a great time for adventure, learning and bonding as a group. Indeed, a memorable day!

Deborrah David, Secondary Teacher