18 Feb 22

Primary Captains and Encouragement Awards

Newsletter | Primary Update

It is a time to celebrate. The children are settling back into their school routine and our new Preps are navigating the start of their formal schooling and learning a lot along the way. We had a successful swimming carnival for our Years 3 to 6 students. Many thanks to Mr Shattock for the effort he puts in behind the scenes to ensure this is an enjoyable day for our students. Our parent teacher conversations were a wonderful opportunity for our teachers to hear more about your children. Please keep these conversations going as positive partnerships will ensure the best outcomes for your children.

We are also celebrating with the upcoming badging ceremony for our 2022 Primary Captains.

Our captains are:

PRIMARY – Amos L. and Eva K.

CALEB HOUSE  – Levi G. and Ella C.

DANIEL HOUSE – Zach M. and Jazmine S.

GIDEON HOUSE – Charli C. and Saanvi S.

JOSHUA HOUSE – Max H. and Hayul K.

Our house captains did an amazing job leading their houses at the swimming carnival. We look forward to seeing these children develop their leadership skills over the coming year.

Also, below are our Encouragement Awards for Weeks 2 and 3.

We continue to ask you to consider the health and safety of others onsite by wearing your mask during drop off and pick up. This will help to protect our community and allow us to keep on doing what we love doing and allow your children to continue their schooling uninterrupted. We appreciate your compliance with this request.

Mrs Jodie Vamplew, Head of Primary

Prep Year 1 Year 2
Ethan D. Eloise G. Zara S.
Peyton M. Akram H. Jeremiah A.
Kiliuli M. Zawba L. Max T.
Nimar B. Reej S. Ariellah C.
Amreen M. Trisha S. William H.
Jonathan T. Asher S. Audrey J.
Ambervir K. Flynn M. Noah P.
Jake D. Mia R. Fery Par P.
Luke Van B. Charlotte S. Emma M.
Chloe Elise A. Jediah N. Jonah R.
Rivana N. Nate G.
Charlie M. Katherine G.
Hudson C.  
Lacey O.  
Gurnoor S.  
Naomi C.  
Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Kurtis L. Jayden B. Jason C. Ella C.
Seerat S. Emma R. Elena L. Dau D.
Saanjh K. Imogen O. Max N. Saanvi S.
Nicholas M. Jax C. Alana O. Zach M.
Denzel N. James M. Estelle K. Zsofia D.
Kyran G. Taufa T. Daniel V.
Sehaj D. Isapeli T. Charlotte G.
Meera C. Ryder S. Ben G.
Benjamin S. Caitlyn C.
Sehazveer G. Kuir D.